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Conor T (Founder)

I’m Conor, and I’ve been making and producing music for over 15 years.

After getting my first guitar at aged 10 (a sunburst Fender Squier) I became completely hooked on the world of guitars, and was determined to learn everything that I could about them: how they work, how to take care of them, and (most importantly) how to play them.

I bought books and magazines, joined forums, took guitar lessons, made friends, and put in countless hours of practice. All of this has helped me to become an expert on all things electric guitar.

Guitar might be my oldest passion, but I’m equally as obsessed with music production.

When I discovered that I could make music on a computer, it was like a whole new world opened up. I completely immersed myself in the world of music production, again diving into books and forums, and eventually going on to study it at college.

Since then I’ve gone on to write and record music, perform it live, and even produce music for paid commissions.

The theme throughout all of this is that once I get an interest in something, I have to learn everything that I can about it! No matter how far along I get in my musical journey, I know that there’s always more I can learn.

In 2020, I started roundtable audio as a way to share my knowledge and passion for music and music production. I want to become the kind of useful resource that I needed when I was a beginner.