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How Many Frets are on a Guitar: 92 Guitars Examined

The number of frets that your guitar has can really affect how you play. Knowing how many frets a guitar has before buying it is essential to ensuring that you have the room and notes available for your preferred playing style.

I’ve looked at the most popular models of electric, acoustic, bass, and classical guitars to bring you a detailed resource on how many frets a guitar has – and how this affects you.

How many frets are on an electric guitar?

Knowing the number of frets that an electric guitar has is important. It can help you decide which guitar is best for you and your style of playing.

Most modern electric guitars have 22 frets. There are, however, models with a different amount of frets available.

But why do different guitars have a different amount of frets? Well, a guitar that has 22 frets may be great for a guitarist of a rock band, but someone who plays heavy metal may need some more frets for shredding higher notes.

Not only this, but even similar models of a guitar can have a different number of frets! In fact, my Fender American Standard Stratocaster has 22 frets, whereas my “Made in Mexico” Stratocaster has 21.

So, it’s important to double-check the specific guitar model with the manufacturer before buying!

Stratocaster fretboard radius
The last fret on this guitar has a dot. The space after it on the fretboard isn’t a playable fret!

The number of frets on popular electric guitar models

Here’s a list of the number of frets of popular electric guitar models. When I say frets, I mean playable frets. Every guitar has a small amount of excess fretboard at the end, commonly mistaken for a fret, but it’s not playable.

Electric guitar modelNumber of frets
Epiphone Les Paul Classic22
Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy24
Epiphone Les Paul Standard22
Epiphone Les Paul Studio22
Fender American Original Jazzmaster21
Fender American Original Stratocaster21
Fender American Original Telecaster21
Fender American Performer Jazzmaster22
Fender American Performer Mustang22
Fender American Performer Stratocaster22
Fender American Performer Telecaster22
Fender American Professional II Stratocaster22
Fender American Professional II Telecaster22
Fender American Professional Jazzmaster22
Fender American Ultra Stratocaster22
Fender American Ultra Telecaster22
Fender Player Jaguar22
Fender Player Jazzmaster22
Fender Player Mustang22
Fender Player Stratocaster22
Fender Player Telecaster22
Fender Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster21
Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster21
Fender Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster21
Fender Vintera Jaguar22
Fender Vintera Jazzmaster21
Fender Vintera Mustang22
Fender Vintera Stratocaster21
Fender Vintera Telecaster21
Gibson ES-33522
Gibson Flying V22
Gibson Les Paul Classic22
Gibson Les Paul Modern22
Gibson Les Paul Standard22
Gibson Les Paul Studio22
Gibson Les Paul Tribute22
Ibanez RG55024
Ibanez RG56524
PRS SE Custom 2424
PRS SE Hollowbody Standard22
Yamaha Pacifica 112V22
This data was obtained directly from the manufacturer’s website on 12/07/2022.

How many frets are on an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitarists have different requirements from electric guitarists. Typically, there’s less focus on the higher end of the fretboard for acoustic playing. As a result of this, acoustic guitars tend to have fewer frets than electric guitars.

Most modern acoustic guitars have 20 frets, though there are some variances across different models.

I’ve created the below table showing the number of frets on some popular models of acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitar modelNumber of frets
Epiphone DR-10020
Epiphone J-4520
Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster22
Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster22
Fender CC-60S Concert20
Fender CD-60S Dreadnought20
Fender FSR CD-6020
Gibson G-45 Standard20
Gibson Hummingbird Standard20
Gibson J-45 Standard20
Gibson J-45 Studio20
Gibson L-00 Standard19
Gibson SJ-20020
Gibson Songwriter Standard20
Martin D-2820
Martin LX1E Little Martin20
Martin SC-13E20
Ovation AB24II-HB20
Ovation CE44P-SM23*
Ovation CS24-520
Sigma SE Series GTCE20
Taylor 110e20
Taylor 724ce20
Taylor GS Mini20
Yamaha F31020
Yamaha FG80020
This data was obtained directly from the manufacturer’s website on 12/07/2022.
*The Ovation CE44P-SM has 23 frets, but only for the higher strings as the fretboard is cut at an angle.

Which acoustic guitars have the most frets?

According to my research, the Ovation CE44P-SM is the acoustic guitar with the most frets. This acoustic rocks an astounding 23 frets – much higher than the 20 fret average!

These frets are clearly designed for solo work, as the fretboard is cut at such an angle that they’re only accessible on the higher strings. If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar with plenty of range, this looks like a solid choice.

How many frets do bass guitars have?

Bass guitars are often overshadowed by the electric guitar but they are just as essential to modern western music.

On average, bass guitars tend to have 20 frets. As ever, there are some models with more and with less. Most range between 19 and 22 frets – and there are some models with even more!

how many frets does a bass have?
My Precision Bass copy has 20 frets, which is about the standard!

I put together the below table showing the number of frets on some popular models of bass guitars.

Bass guitar modelNumber of frets
Epiphone EB-3 SG20
Fender American Original 50s Precision Bass20
Fender American Performance Precision Bass20
Fender American Professional II Precision Bass20
Fender Player Jaguar Bass20
Fender Player Jazz Bass20
Fender Player Precision Bass20
Fender Vintera 50’s Precision Bass20
Fender Vintera 60’s Mustang Bass19
Gibson Thunderbird IV20
Ibanez SR500M22
MusicMan Stingray Special22
Rickenbacker 400320
Squier Affinity Bronco Bass19
Squier Classic Vibe Bass20
Sterling SUB Ray421
Yamaha TRBX30424
This data was obtained directly from the manufacturer’s website on 12/07/2022.

Popular bass guitars, like the Fender Jazz and Precision, have almost as many frets as a standard electric guitar, both coming in at 20 frets. This is the same for iconic bass models the Rickenbacker 4003 and Gibson Thunderbird IV.

Models like the Ibanez SR500M and Yamaha TRBX304 have 24 frets, which will give you some extra notes at the top end for contemporary playing styles.

How many frets are on a classical guitar?

Classical guitars are the foundation for all modern guitar types. Back in the day (“the day” meaning the 18th century), these guitars didn’t have as many frets. As classical guitars grew in popularity, the techniques used to play them also grew more advanced, making added frets necessary for the guitarist who wanted to play higher notations. However, the highest fret is usually partly cut away to fit perfectly with the sound hole on the body. 

Modern classical guitars have around 19 frets on average. The range appears to be between 17 and 20 for full-sized classical guitars.

Classical guitar modelNumber of frets
Fender ESC-11018
Ibanez GA6CE19
Martin 000C12-16E20
Startone CG 85119
Taylor 814ce-N20
Taylor Academy 12e-N17
Yamaha C4020
Yamaha CGS102AII19
Yamaha SLG200NW19
This data was obtained directly from the manufacturer’s website on 12/07/2022.

Classical guitars have thicker necks and bulkier build, ideal for specific western chord progressions providing enough space for resonation to take place when picking the strings individually. Due to its thicker build, the point of connection between the neck and the body is the 12th fret making higher notes challenging to play, but not impossible. 

Are there classical guitars available with more frets?

It’s important to remember that guitars have grown extremely popular in a short period, resulting in many alterations to industry standards. As such, many manufacturers are offering classical guitars with 20 frets.

Does the number of frets matter?

For beginner guitarists, the fret count is insignificant at first. Sure, you’ll want to emulate your guitar heroes and shred incredible solos – but you’ll mostly learn the fundamental patterns in the first position, which is close to the first fret. Advanced players require higher frets as it makes higher notes playable on the neck instead of having to bend the strings to those notes. 

Fret counts, especially on electric guitars, become more of a concern as guitarists develop their skill and style. Thousands of professional guitar players (myself included) don’t even play the frets past the 20th, whereas others specifically purchased guitars with more frets for certain songs. 

From a technical point of view, higher notes have less sustain but are much sharper. If the guitar pickups also need to be pushed back to make space for added frets on the body, the sound will also be brighter as the strings have more tension near the end. A larger neck accommodating more frets will also add to the overall size of the guitar, which can make it harder to play. 

Which style uses the most frets?

Progressive musicians deliberately push the boundaries of standard music and often use all the frets, especially the higher ones, to differentiate themselves from the norm. 

Progressive instrumental guitarists, such as Michael Angelo Batio and Yngwie Malmsteen, often use more frets to create variation and distinction in their compositions. In addition, metal music shares a lot of traits with classical music, and complex melody lines played across various scales, and different positions are a trademark of the genre. This style of music is called “neo-classical”.


Electric guitars have the highest fret count, between 20-24 frets on average, of any guitar, and custom build options are available for more advanced players. The fret count is not a major concern for the beginner guitarist. Still, as the techniques develop, higher frets are needed to create variation and distinction, as playing the higher frets requires a lot of skill and discipline. 

how many frets do guitars have